•                       Welcome!!!                                   To the STAN WATKINS MUSICAL SERVICES  website. Thank you for stopping by. This is the place to learn about some of the unique and interesting musical services Stan can provide for you. The groups featured here are available for all types of events from corporate parties to weddings,concerts and select club work. Please take a few moments to look the site over and listen to some of the  sample music(*). If you don't find what you're looking for then please feel free to e-mail or give Stan a call. Stan Is not an agent so any referrals
    will be free of charge.                                                                                                       MORE MUSIC TO COME.PLEASE VISIT AGAIN!!!!!                                                                                                                     *(Pages may load slowly depending on your connection speed due to plentyful sound files.)                                                      (This site is optimized for Internet Explorer users who will have several listening links per page.Netscape and Safari(Mac) based browsers may only hear one song per page.sorry for the inconvenience)
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